Financial Accountability

We are a registered charity. Our registration number is: 120365804 RR0001

2017 Statement of Financial Position

2018 Statement of Financial Position

2019 Statement of Financial Position

2020 Statement of Financial Position

An accounting of our finances can also be found here on the CRA Charities Listings. There you will note that we issue tax receipts (after the end of the year) for all donations we directly receive that are $20 or more. You will note that most donations are not receipted by us. That is because most of our donations are received online and they are receipted by Also, some of our donors donate via the United Way by specifically designating us (120365804 RR0001) as the recipient of their donation. Such donations are receipted by the United Way.

Our board members self-fund any of their FCPO related travel by ensuring they donate at least the amount of their travel claim.

Please contact us if you have any questions concerning our finances.